Barcelona Best Season is About to Begin

Last season was great for the blue-grana team, even if many fans remember the devastating results of losing 7-0 against the Bayern Munich.  It should be a sin to overlook everything done by El Barça during the 2012-13 that was worthwhile; like setting a record on La Liga points and goals scored to mention some.

Comeback wins that made the hair of our necks rise up in the previous seasons. The merit of Messi’s fourth Ballon d’Or and his consecutive goal scoring. The 4-0 victory over AC Milan during the second leg of the Champions League is something that no one on his sanity will ever forget. With all these facts and more, it is possible for “El Barça” to get stronger? Let’s peek a bit!


The first clue is the signing of Neymar; it doesn’t matter the facts about how he was transferred, nor the fee for acquiring him; adding Neymar to the roster was a master move.

The Brazilian is young, healthy and in a position to learn the team mechanics and add his talents for a best offensive, plus Improvement is always available. The Threat that he can create will give Messi some extra space for him to navigate the field and make some mayhem at their opponent’s net, whoever it is.

Gerardo Martino already had a great chemistry with the players under his care; he can transmit certain amount of confidence on them inside and out of the pitch that allow them to work as one single mind just to say.

Players like Andres Iniesta and Lionel Messi are comfortable with him and his management style. Even the young Neymar is very positive about his new boss. Right now, the only concern for the manager is the purchase of an extraordinary central defensive.

The addition of Neymar to the roster won’t diminish Messi‘s game at all, as mentioned above, this addition will give the Argentinean more versatility and make him even more dangerous than he already is. He is young and with every game he just keep raising his performance and has many great years ahead of him.

Messi simply will get better and better every day. Opposing defenders will find themselves in a dilemma when choosing which threat to face, being Neymar at the left or Messi at the middle. The versatility of both will be a nightmare for any defense confronting them during this season. Adding any third component at the right being this Alexis Sanchez, Pedro Rodriguez, or Christian Tello and you are looking at the most potent front three.You must think on which will your bet be and check the live odds,  because it is torrid!

Barcelona is heading for a great season ahead, with much of the pressure lifted from their backs; things will go smoother this time. Prepare for more records, more triumphs to celebrate and more trophies to rise, “El Barça” is on the road to be greater than ever.


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